Similar to Golf Courses of the British Isles, the author of A Round of Golf Courses brings you on a tour of 18 courses in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Interestingly, Bernard Darwin wrote the Foreward to the book.

Each course is given a generous description, course map and humourous sketch of one of the iconic holes. The sketches are worth the cost alone of the book. A self-deprecating and slightly irreverent tone is taken with each…

Patric Dickinson’s Round of Golf Courses

The selection of 18 golf courses chosen by Dickinson are:

Royal St David’s (Harlech)
Royal Liverpool (Hoylake)
Little Aston
Muirfield (HCEG)
North Berwick
Royal Portrush
St Andrews Old
Walton Heath
Royal North Devon (Westward Ho!)
Royal Worlington & Newmarket

The Round of Golf Courses

You can hardly fault Patric Dickinson’s choice of 18 to make up his ‘Round of Golf Courses’. Any golfer who has played these would have an education of some of golf’s greatest golf courses. First published in 1951, it is amazing to see how these golf courses have stood the test of time.

Bernard Darwin’s Foreward

In the Foreward, Bernard Darwin decries the absence of Prestwick. In the introduction, Dickinson admits 18 was not nearly enough and admits Royal Cinque Ports, Royal West Norfolk, Royal Troon, Littlestone, Royal St George’s, Royal North Devon, Burnham & Berrow, Wentworth, Moor Park could have been included at the expense of any of the courses included.

A Round of Golf Courses Summary

Patric Dickinson states the purpose of the book is ‘to act as a kind of armchair caddy.’ He also pleads with readers not to send in lists of other 18’s or questions as to why some courses have been left out… it would seem some things never change!