Golf Course Architecture

Golf course architecture is the foundation, motive and passion that drives Evalu18. Whether historical research, architectural analysis or playing the best golf courses, everything Evalu18 does is fixed squarely on it.

Evalu18’s Golf Course Architecture Ethos

At Evalu18, we do things a little differently… here are a few of the things that make us so:

Limited Workload – A limited client list allows us to focus on your golf course as our main priority. We are always interested in potential opportunities, reach out and see if we would be suited to your project. However, existing clients are always our first priority.

Architect Shape – The details that matter are too important to leave to anyone else and therefore will never outsource the most important aspect of golf course construction. Your golf course will be built and shaped by our trusted partners and associates and never by the lowest-bidding subcontractor. We will be on the ground, hand-finishing each detail, ourselves.

Architectural Research – With regards to pure restoration, historical research, and golf course archaeology serve as the bedrock of any of our work. We revere the golden age greats and believe their work and name should be preserved, even at the expense of making a name for ourselves.

Team-Based Approach – Each project is unique and so is our solution. With extensive reach and professional contacts, we can supply a bespoke team for every potential occasion, from agronomy to shaping.

Payment Terms – We feel there is a better way than a cost-plus percentage fee structure. We can advise, consult, and execute your project but we think you should pay us just for the work we do.

Jasper Miners’ Journey Chronicled

Nothing in golf is new. CB Macdonald and Tom Doak are two legendary golf course architects, past and present, that travelled to see the best examples of the craft. Harry Colt, Tom Simpson, and Alister MacKenzie all studied and revered the great golf courses of the UK, none more so than The Old Course at St Andrews’. Evalu18 is a record of Jasper Miner’s golf course architecture journey. His in-depth study and analysis, coupled with seeing the best examples of golf on the ground, is something that cannot be taught but rather must be experienced.

Evalu18 as a resource helps golfers find, understand, and appreciate great golf. Course reviews will generally include historical and architectural information as well as links to the best independent golf media available today. We scoured the internet and social media and create a one-stop-shop for those looking for reliable information on the best golf courses of the UK & Ireland.

Historical Research Becomes Modern Golf Art

It all began with Jasper Miners’ research project to name all the golf course architectural features of The Old Course at St Andrews. Once complete, a collaboration with Joe McDonell laid the foundation for both Jasper and Joe to pursue careers in golf course architecture. Then endorsed by the St Andrews Links Trust, it now features at the HQ of the world’s greatest golf course. Following on, Evalu18 is now collaborating with top photographers, artists, and graphic designers to curate a collection of the best golf art with a fresh, modern edge. Your support helps us continue to pursue our passion and careers.

Evalu18 In The Press

These articles will give you the background on how Evalu18 began:

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