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Evalu18 helps golfers find great golf. Course reviews will generally include historical and architectural information as well as links to the best independent golf media available today.

We scoured the internet and social media and create a one-stop-shop for those looking for reliable information on the best golf courses in the world in the UK & Ireland.

Golf Course Architecture

What makes a top golf course? How are they evaluated? We believe golf architecture is the key to unlocking the mystery.

Whether its Walton Heath, St Andrews, Royal Porthcawl or County Sligo, golf architecture principles will help you understand what makes golf good.

Modern Golf Art

Fine, modern golf art is difficult to find – until now! Evalu18 is collaborating with top photographers, artists and graphic designers to curate a collection of the best golf art with a fresh, modern edge.


These articles will give you the background on how Evalu18 began:

Where is My Golf Club?

There are probably two reasons. Firstly, we may not have been able to see it for ourselves. If you think we’ve overlooked a course, let us know! We would be happy to come and visit. On the other hand, as a curated guide, not all courses will make the grade.

Who Evalu18 Supports

We support golf courses and clubs with a difference. You’ll notice some exclusive clubs on Evalu18.

However, Loch Lomond, Carnegie Links, Wentworth, and Beaverbrook sit comfortably beside Musselburgh Links, Minchinhampton Golf Club Old, Painswick Golf Club and St Andrews Himalayas.

Why? Because they all represent good golf. We don’t think there is a mould nor should good golf always be equated with expense or exclusivity. We lay on courses and explain what makes them rise above the rest.

Proudly independent, no golf course has paid or can influence inclusion on Evalu18.

Why Join the Club?

Why not? You can track where you’ve played and establish your own ranking of the best golf courses. There will also be exclusive member benefits and opportunities with our chosen partners.



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