Golf Course Architecture Historical Research

Golf architecture & historical research is a labour of love and finding the time to do it can be difficult.

Combining our passion for the subject with our in-house working library, historical databases, online archives, and accessible private collections alongside club minute books, photographic archives, and first-hand member accounts, we help unlock the past and open future potential.

2024 Historical Research Highlights

2023 Historical Research Highlights

  • Commissioned to undertake research projects on 4 Harry Colt courses in the UK and continental Europe.
  • Traveled to the USA, New Zealand, and Australia to visit, see, play, and study Alister MacKenzie’s major golf course designs.
  • Discovered previously unknown Alister MacKenzie design in CA, USA. Further research is ongoing.
  • R&A Rules Committee research in relation to Harry Colt’s role.
  • R&A Open Committee research on why only links are on the Open rota.

2022 Historical Research Highlights

  • Research on the 4th, 9th, 10th, and 14th at Woking Golf Club has informed ongoing restoration and presentation by Course Manager, Andy Ewence.
  • Found the ‘lost’ Herbert Fowler holes at Yelverton Golf Club which were replaced by James Braid.
  • Identified the hillock in front of the 4th hole at The Old Course St Andrews as a named featured called ‘The Elephant’.
  • Researched the only officially licensed Links Trust golf course architecture map of the Old Course at St Andrews.
  • Re-Established links to Harry Colt at Pennard Golf Club & Great Yarmouth & Caister.
  • Found Harry Colt’s Course Map for The Eden Course at St Andrews.
  • Established the connection to a Harry Colt commission Private Golf Course previously attributed to Tom Simpson. Have located his 18 green sketches.
  • Completed historical research study on the bunkers at Harry Colt & JF Abercromby’s The Addington for owner Ryan Noades.
  • Completed historical research project for Tom Simpson restoration in France.
  • Found post WW1 map of 18-hole Princes Golf Club.
  • Peer reviewing Adam Lawerence’s biography of Harry Colt.

Historical Research For Golf Course Architects

The ability to outsource research to a trusted partner allows GOLF COURSE ARCHITECTS to focus their energy and time where it is most beneficial.

Individual holes and courses in the UK & Ireland have served as templates for golf the world over. We have provided in-depth analysis and surveys to golf course architects wanting to emulate design features in their own projects wherever they are in the world.

If you’re developing a Project Masterplan, proposing design alterations, pitching to a club, or trying to understand the evolution of the golf course, we are here to help.

Curated information can then be viewed from the following perspectives:

  • The influence of equipment at the time of construction or material alternations to the course.
  • The intent of the original architect’s design ethos, tendencies, and strategic hallmarks.
  • Understanding why, when, and what motivated changes to the golf course.

Historical Research For Golf Clubs

The incredible historic past of some GOLF COURSES & CLUBS is a story waiting to be rediscovered and told.

The uncovered information can be utilised to create fresh marketing strategies and media campaigns with the aim of increasing your presence amongst competitors, attracting new members, selling more visitor tee times, and even attracting an entirely new demographic of players.

Practically, it may also provide Greens Committees, Course Managers, and Green Keepers with the basis to make informed decisions regarding the course.

Golf architecture & historical research was completed for an Evalu18 Journal Article of Woking GC.
Evalu18 wrote a historical Journal article about Woking’s 4th hole.

Specialist Projects For Media, Academia & Peer Review

Research projects may also be undertaken on behalf of the MEDIA to obtain accurate information regarding venues, architectural heritage, and anecdotes or for ACADEMIC projects including PEER REVIEW.

To discuss your requirements or to begin a golf architecture historical research project, please contact us below.

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