Coombe Hill Golf Club

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The membership roll is a who's who of British high society:

  • Politicians AJ Balfour, Winston Churchill, Herbert Henry Asquith and David Lloyd George
  • Writers W Somerset Maugham and Ian Flemming
  • HRH King Edward the VIII and HRH King George VI

In addition, four Open Champions have served as professional to the club: Arthur Havers, Sandy Herd, Henry Cotton & Dick Burton.

General Dwight D Eisenhower used the cottage behind the 14th tee as a secret hideaway during WW2.

Golf Course Review

The origins of Coombe Hill Golf Club date back to a meeting chaired by JF Abercromby. It was reported in the Halifax Evening Courier on 1 January 1910, that Willie Park Jr had already planned the course. Construction reportedly began on 10 January 1910.

Sandy Herd was invited to be the club's first professional. It was reported he visited the club in January of 1911 and at that time the course was nearing completion but they had forecast a June opening. (Aberdeen Press and Journal 26 January 1911) The official statement was made by the secretary of the club, JF Abercromby, on 14 February 1911 and reported in the Leicester Daily Post. Sandy Herd took up the post on May 1, 1911.

At some point, it would be Aber who would be credited with the design. It is well known that JF Abercromby measured distances by fell and eye. Legend has it he surveyed the future site in a hot air balloon. His effort culminated in the opening of the Coombe Hill Golf Club on May 30, 1911. The Daily Telegraph reported the course was turned from woodland to a first-class links in less than 6 months on May 31, 1911. It also mentioned that Carter's had been responsible for sowing the seed.

The course isn't particularly long by modern standards. The four one-shot holes are all less than 200 yards. One measuring just 142 yards and the other 3 averaging 182 yards. Tom Doak ranks the set of 4 among the best in Surrey. The Par 5's are all less than 500 yards, averaging 479 yards. A case could be made that for the elite, there are no 3 shot holes on the course. The eleven remaining holes provide a varied test.  Of the 11 par 4's, four are less than 350 yards and four are more than 400 yards.


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