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West Coast Golf Scotland

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West Coast Golf in Scotland is still relatively unexplored to both overseas visitors and locals. Most will flock to Fife with an initial pilgrimage to The Home of Golf followed by a trip to East Lothian and the exclusive Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers – Muirfield. If you venture over again a combination of Aberdeen and Inverness will probably round out your Scottish golf resume. Evalu18 and SIGTOA have teamed up to pull back the curtain on your next holiday – West Coast Golf – Scotland.

Dundonald Links – West Coast Golf – Scotland

Dundonald Links is a Kyle Phillips design in Ayrshire. After a trans-Atlantic flight, you want to get to your accommodation, get settled in, and refresh yourself for the trip of a lifetime. Dundonald Links is the perfect way to start your trip – just a quick trip from the airport and easily accessible from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. What you’ll find is a modern golf course that is the perfect first taste of links golf. It’s firm and fast golf with tight turf and has a bit of everything you’ll find on your journey – from burns to gorse.

Dundonald Links Ayrshire 9th Green

The accommodation and clubhouse facilities are second to none and probably will end up being amongst the best you’ll find in Scotland. If you want a soft landing or a treat before you fly home, use Dundonald Links as a base for trip. From here, you have easy access to Royal Troon, Prestwick, and Trump Turnberry. If you want to add on Western Gailes, it is also worth an extra day to play. Additionally, don’t be in a hurry to move on from Royal Troon as the Portland Course is an Alister Mackenzie design from 1920.

Dundonald Links Mens Locker Room West Coast Golf Scotland

Dundonald Links also has a grass driving range, short game facilities, modern accommodation with satellite TV, and fine dining at reasonable rates taking into account the quality on offer. The hotel rooms (shown below) are perfect for a single or couple. The lodges can accommodate large groups. We stayed in Room 6 with the driving range just over that sandhill behind. It was perfect for little range sessions to loosen up after a long-haul flight.

Dundonald Links Hotel Room

See our article for an in-depth look at Dundonald Links from an architectural and historical, perspective

Royal Troon Old Course – Scotland’s West Coast

Royal Troon blew me away. Even at 51 in the world, one wonders why it isn’t higher and we don’t hear more about it. Perhaps it is the first impression? The opening holes are quietly elegant and needed before the rollercoaster ride that is holes 7 through 11. You will have heard about The Postage Stamp but it surely is one of life’s ambitions to play it. I think it was one of the most ludicrous holes I’ve played and absolutely sublime!

The Postage Stamp Royal Troon Golf Club West Coast Golf Scotland

The other world-class standout hole is Railway. It uses the boundary railway line to perfection and is an example of strategic minimalism at its finest. Tom Simpson would be jealous of this hole.

Railway Royal Troon Golf Club

Whilst Tom Doak recommends an architectural student pay attention to the bunkering, it was the bunker-less holes that really stood out for me. The 10th is incredible and followed closely by the 13th. Both examples where the brilliance of the land was allowed to take center stage. See our article for an in-depth look at Royal Troon from an architectural and historical perspective.

Royal Troon Golf Club

Western Gailes Golf Club

Western Gailes Golf Club was a late addition but not because of it not being on my list. I had long been told of its quality and even been told it was the best links in Ayrshire! While I cannot wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment, it certainly is one of the most complete sets of 18 links golf holes I’ve come across.

Naturalised Bunkers Western Gailes Golf Club

Western Gailes has had recent work done and the improvements are very good. More short grass, wider fairways, less gorse, naturalised bunkers and new, expansive green surrounds make it a better version of itself.

The 6th and 7th holes are two of the best I’ve come across on my travels and are early front runners for the best of the trip! Read more about Western Gailes Golf Club on its dedicated page.

Locker Room Western Gailes

And the clubhouse… perhaps the best locker room I’ve come across in golf yet.

Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club

12 holes of sheer fun. The opening is strategically sound and it is accomplished with a road and a single bunker that dictates play from the tee and on the second shot.

4th Green Shiskine Golf Tennis Club

Holes 3, 4, and 5 are a collection of great par 3’s. A risk and reward par 4 follows on the 6th followed by a Dell hole on the 7th that makes the original look like child’s play with the burn behind the green.

A WaterMap of Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club by Joe Mcdonnell.

The 11th is the final hole of note with a double punchbowl – a punchbowl for the approach and another for the green… approached blind, of course! Read more about Shiskine Golf Club on its dedicated page.

Machrihanish Dunes

The most undulating golf course I’ve ever walked… no massive dunes just ‘mammoth’ micro undulations in the fairways. Once navigated, the fun has just begun… David McLay Kidd earned his reputation for fun golf and bold greens… he did his best here to uphold that ideal here.

Dell Punchbowl Green Machrihanish Dunes

If you could ever just find golf, it was found here. Tees were leveled and greens contoured but other than that, the grass has simply been mown. A solid test and set of holes, there is blindness and carries over thick marram. If you struggle with that, it could be a long round.

Spend some time with Lorna and Willie if you can, you’ll not regret it! Read more about Shiskine Golf Club on its dedicated page.

Machrihanish Golf Club

One of the world’s best in unbelievable weather – bright, sunny, dry, and very windy. A 30 mph wind and gusting… it was perfect.

Green Site Machrihanish Golf Club

The course oozes old school charm and character. Nothing is flamboyant nor extravagant – it is just mature class in every sense. If it were a boat, it would be a Riva – understated yet bold and timelessly elegant.

3rd Green Machrihanish Golf Club

My new muse, Machrihanish has consumed my thoughts since play. A new clubhouse and pro shop have not meant sacrificing the old clubhouse (now a pub) and the old ladies’ locker room will soon be on course accommodation.

Dunaverty Golf Club

Dun-Averty, not Duna-Verty… or Southend as the locals may call it. Dunaverty Golf Club is reportedly one of the best short golf courses in the world. There are some great holes, suspect holes, and loads of quirks. It’s been said that it provides the most fun you can have on a golf course.

Natural Green Sites Dunaverty Golf Club

If you ratcheted up Machrihanish Dunes to 11, put it on even more undulating terrain, and removed the subtle touch of Mr. McLay Kidd, you’d have Dunaverty. Read more about Dunaverty Golf Club on its dedicated page.

Carradale Golf Club

Overlook the 1st and 9th and the repetitive 4th and 5th and there is more than enough to keep you interested here.

5th Green Carradale Golf Club

The 2nd and 6th are standout holes. The second is brilliantly simple and demands a placed tee shot and an accurate second. The 6th is a two-shot par 3 or risk and reward single shot hole.

2nd Hole Green Carradale Golf Club

It’s 9 holes of fun and is a quick round after the ferry from Shiskine. Play it on the way over or before Dunaverty. It’s 30 minutes from Campbeltown as opposed to just 15 minutes from Campbeltown to Dunaverty. Read more about Carradale Golf Club on its dedicated page.

The Machrie

A new-old links with terrific heritage, amazing ambiance, and facilities to swoon over. There is the Himalayas Putting Green, 6-Hole Wee Course named the Willie Campbell. The putting green and short game area are steps from the first tee and the 18 holes that follow are some of the best in the UK & Ireland.

The rumpled fairways through the dunes at The Machrie.

The Isle of Islay is a long way to come for a single course… The only other option is Ardfin on Jura but that’s not a viable option for most at £1500 + per round. That means The Machrie Links needs to be special, and it is. It is still bedding in and evolving but as it stands now, is worth the journey. Read more about The Machrie on its dedicated page.

Traigh Golf Course

Traigh is one of the best 9 hole golf courses in the UK. The scenery is stunning which certainly helps but the genius is the use of the central dune ridgeline.

A drone capture of Traigh Golf Course.

The 2nd hole is one of the best par 5’s I’ve played. Long at St Andrew’s has 5 routes but no distinct options. The 2nd hole has two routes but two options to choose from… not subtle but a helluva hole to play. It offers a risk and reward route that effectively changes the hole into a gettable Par 4… If the alternative route is taken, it plays as a true three-shot hole… Below is the punchbowl green on the 2nd hole.

The punchbowl green on the 2nd hole.


Read more about Traigh’s on its dedicated page.

Isle of Barra Golf Club

Established in 1992, the small nine-hole Barra Golf Club golf course is laid out over turbulent land that doesn’t necessarily scream links.

Epic views over the Isle of Barra

The 2nd, 5th, and 9th at Barra Golf Club are solid with the sum of the others being greater than the whole of its parts.

The final four holes are made up of two par 4’s of almost identical length along with two par 3’s of very similar length. Despite what’s on paper, they all play differently from one another.

Square Green Barra Golf Club

All in all, Barra Golf Club is quirky and has one standout hole (the 5th) and 7 solid holes. The view from the tee on the 5th is shown below… your line is the U in the middle of the frame.

Rear Tee on the 5th Tee at Barra Golf Club

For a nine-hole golf course, that’s pretty good going… Read more about Barra Golf Club on its dedicated page.

Prestwick Golf Club

Due to my host falling ill, Prestwick Golf Club will have to wait until the return leg of our journey.

Inspired by West Coast Golf – Scotland?

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  1. Dave Amos says:

    Sounds like a great trip, if only I was a few years younger I would love to do it. Used be be a regular trip to Machrihanish, a 5 hour drive from where I am. Used to like playing the 9 holes on my way home. Include Traigh on your next trip, great wee course with spectacular views.