Musselburgh Links – The Old Course

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  • Holes of Merit:
    2, 4, 6

At A Glance

Musselburgh Links Old Course comes by its' name honestly... It's the oldest golf course in the world!

Golf has been played here in since 1672 with Mary Queen of Scots reputedly playing here in 1607.

It is also home to the first halfway house - Mrs Forman's Inn. She served golfers through a hatch in the wall at the turn.

It was also the former home to the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers which now plays at Muirfield.

It was also the course played by the Royal Musselburgh Golf Club, Royal Burgess Golf Club and the Bruntsfield Golf Society.

Musselburgh Links Videos

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Full Course Review

Musselburgh Links - The Old Course is the only 9-hole golf course to host the Open Championship not once, but six times between 1874 and 1891! It was one of the three original venues of The Open alongside St Andrews and Prestwick.

There are two maps which indicate the course as it was in 1855 and 1896. The 1855 Plan from March 24, 1855, gives an indication of the nearness of the beach immediately to the north. Once seaside, there is now reclaimed land on which the Levenhall Links Leisure Park sits. Other identifiable hallmarks include whins and a hand full of bunkers.

The April 1896 Plan is remarkable and virtually to scale. It allows you so see the routing and massive bunkers which once adorned the course.

The question then is: How much of the Open Venue course remains unchanged?

Hole 1 - Green
Hole 2 - Green
Hole 4 - Green
Hole 5 - Tee & Green
Hole 6 - Green

The foremost feature missing from Musselburgh Links is the Pandy Bunker. Perhaps someday the former Open Venue will once be restored to its former glory! One can only hope...


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