Fred Hawtree tells the story of Harry Colt from a young school-aged lad through to his final days in the book Colt & Co Golf Course Architects.

Described as the individual who founded the golf architecture profession, Harry Shapland Colt worked on over half a million acres of land in his career! His impact spanning from Canada and the USA to GB, Ireland and continental Europe. His associates brought his design ethos and influence to Austral-Asia.

The biographical work also details the legacy of Harry Colt’s associates: John Morrison, Hugh Alison and Alister Mackenzie. The included Annexe with Colt & Co is a list of the collective portfolio of their work.

Colt & Co Golf Course Architects is a valuable reference but the book is dated, needs updating and has historical inaccuracies. Adam Lawrence is currently working on a biography and The Harry Colt Project is attempting to catalogue his work.

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The Harry Colt Project

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To read a short biography of Harry Colt.
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