National Club Golfer Interviews Evalu18

Evalu18’s Jasper Miners was interviewed by National Club Golfer. We’ve included a snippet below, but check out Steve Carroll’s full interview online!


It boiled down to an Amazon order. “I needed a couple of quid extra to get free shipping and one of the recommended books was either Tom Fazio or Jack Nicklaus’ book about golf course design,” Jasper Miners tells National Club Golfer.

“I bought two or three books on a whim for a couple of pennies each and that was what got me in.”

Miners grew up playing the best courses in Western Canada but got bored quickly – to the point where he put down his clubs.

But then he arrived in the UK around a decade ago and in the home of links golf, uneven lies and ferocious winds, he found himself reborn.

What had been a lost pursuit, a pastime dulled by target golf and criss-crossed fairways, again became a passion.

“I read those books, thought they were amazing, but little did I understand they were just the tip of the iceberg.

“There’s a quote from Tom Simpson ‘every golfer would get infinitely more entertainment out of their pastime if they would take the trouble to understand the meaning and intention of a great golfing hole’.

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