St Andrews – The Evolution of the Old Course

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  • Author:
    Macpherson, Scott
  • Contributors:
    • Thomson, Peter
  • First edition:
  • ISBN:


The full title is St Andrews - The Evolution of the Old Course - The Impact on Golf of Time, Tradition & Technology. Not exactly pithy but an apt description of what's contained therein.

The book writes on the relationship the course itself had on golf but also the effect technology and time has had on it.

The book is divided into 8 chapters. Chapters 2 through 5 use the eras of the gutta-percha, Haskell, two, three and four-piece balls and finally multi-layered balls as benchmarks.

Read this along with St Andrews - How to Play the Old Course for academic knowledge of the home of golf - The Old Course at St Andrews. Perhaps the most credible endorsement for the book is the fact it can be purchased from St Andrews Links itself.

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You want an exhaustive study of the Old Course at St Andrews.

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