St Andrews – How to Play the Old Course

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  • Author:
    Muirhead, Desmond
  • Contributors:
    • Anderson, James 'Tip'
  • First edition:
  • ISBN:


Bobby Jones once said: "If you've played less than 10 rounds at The Old Course and you claim to like it, you're a liar." St Andrews - How to Play the Old Course should help you if you only get to play it once.

For golfers, St Andrews is hollowed ground - it is Mecca. For many, however, the experience lacks the sparkle it should. That is exactly why this book is so valuable.

Tip Anderson, a St Andrews native and caddy to Mr Arnold Palmer, provides insight only a lifetime spent around the Old Course could offer. Desmond Muirhead's insight betrays a fundamental grasp of strategic design principles despite a portfolio of quirky design.

Reading this alongside Scott MacPherson's Evolution of the Old Course will prepare you for your Bucket List trip and help you understand the experience.

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You want a shot by shot, hole by hole description of how and why the Old Course should be played.

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