Book of Golf (The)

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    Stanley, Louis
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Most of the book is irrelevant for the golf course architecture inclined. Save yourself some time and skip to the last chapter in The Book of Golf, entitled: "Links of Distinction."

There are three lists that are laid out. The author lists the eighteen best seaside, inland and seaside-inland holes chosen by a top international player. Following, the author then provides his own list. It then becomes the turn of Mr Tom Simpson who brilliantly articulates his view. It's no surprise Blackmoor, Woking, New Zealand, Liphook and West Sussex make up the bulk of the inland choices. Tom Simpson's then chooses his best links golf holes. Unsurprisingly, they're entirely taken from the golf courses at Hoylake and St Andrews.

Perhaps an unknown book to many, it contains a little known and unguarded discussion of Tom Simpson's most admired golf holes. For that reason alone, it is worth the petty sum to acquire.

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You want to read a rare tale of a conversation between the author and Mr Tom Simpson of 'Britain's Links of Distinction'.

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