Golf’s Royal Clubs is a handsome leather-bound book that was written by golf course architect, Scott Macpherson and published by the R&A.

The book chronicles the history of golf clubs and the British Royal Family from 1833 until 2013. In the 180 years since King William IV bestowed the Royal honour on Perth Golfing Society until 2013, 66 clubs have held the Royal title. Each club is profiled with photography of the course and clubhouse as well as maps and scorecards.

Golf’s Royal Clubs focuses on the clubs’ journey in acquiring their title and their relationship to the Royal Family. The book is a fascinating read and well presented and is perfect for those who have an interest in this unique collection of clubs. Find an interactive map of the Royal Clubs in the UK & Ireland.

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Scott Macpherson also penned the exhaustive work: St Andrews The Evolution of the Old Course.

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A comprehensive, worldwide overview of golf courses associated with the British Royal Family.