Classic Golf Hole Design focuses primarily on the design of classic golf holes or templates. Specifically, their overall design, components, and roles in the evolution of golf course design. The full title of the book is: “Classic Golf Hole Design: Using the Greatest Holes as Inspiration for Modern Courses.” The book would probably gain more acclaim if it were called: Template Holes.

The Breakdown

After four chapters and 95 pages, you arrive at the “Broad Criteria for Classic Golf Holes”. The next chapter, Five, narrows the focus by discussing “Specific Features of Classic Golf Holes”. Finally, in Chapter Seven, you are introduced to the Twenty “Classic Golf Holes.” You can skip here and get stuck in without missing much.

Classic Golf Holes in GB&I

Sixteen of the twenty are in Britain and Ireland. They are:

Alps – 17 at Prestwick
Cardinal – 3rd at Prestwick
Dell – 6th at Lahinch
Eden – High Out – 7th at St Andrews
Eden – High In – 11th at St Andrews
Gibraltar – 8th at Moortown
Long – 14th at St Andrews
Maiden – 6th at Royal St George’s
Perfection – 14th at North Berwick
Postage Stamp – 8th at Royal Troon
Punchbowl – 4th at Royal Cinque Ports & 9th at Hoylake
Redan – 15th at North Berwick
Road – 17th at St Andrews
Sahara – 3rd at Royal St George’s
Short – 4th at Royal West Norfolk (The author claims the 5th at NGLA)


With all the interest in template holes, the last three chapters of the book make it worth the purchase price. Despite being an advanced level read, a true golf geek with a passion for templates will enjoy it immensely.

Read If...

You wish to discover the 20 golf holes whose characteristics are identifiable in many of the world's best golf holes.