By definition, Aspects of Golf Course Architecture 1889-1924 Vol. 1, is an anthology, containing a collection of essays from the late Victorian to early Golden Age of golf course architecture. It is a collection of writings to which Mr Fred Hawtree often referred.

Before each instalment, there is a short introduction with biographical notes and an account of notable achievements. Those represented in Volume One are as follows:

Horace G Hutchinson
Willie Park Jr
Garden G Smith
John H Taylor
John L Low
Harry Vardon
Harry Colt
CK Hutchison
James Braid
Herbert Fowler
Dr A MacKenzie
Fred G Hawtree
Sir G Campbell
Reginald Beale
TP Cooke

While some excerpts are well known to the astute, well-read golf architecture student, most are from scarce or obscure titles. Well worth the investment as pertinent information from a large swathe of hard to find titles are collated in a single volume.

Limited to 675 copies, it is not easy to find. Even more so are the first 75 copies of Aspects of Golf Course Architecture – being the Woodstock Limited Edition.

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You want the collated crib notes of Fred Hawtree in a tidy volume.