Tom Doak’s Little Red Book of Golf Course Architecture

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    Doak, Tom
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Now out of print, Tom Doak's Little Red Book of Golf Course Architecture is increasingly difficult to find. Like most of Tom Doak's books, it appears to be appreciating in price.

While most of the information is freely available online in the forums of Golf Club Atlas, we can thank Bob Crosby for collating and editing the print version.

The book is easily read in small bursts as most of the comments are concise. However, do not confuse pithy with cursory. Mr Doak's opinion is always considered and worthy of pause for thought.

Perhaps because of its format, the book hasn't garnered the praise of Doak's other works. However, don't let that put you off. Tom Doak's Little Red Book of Golf Course Architecture is chock-a-block with pearls of accumulated wisdom from the games foremost modern architect.

Read if . . .

You wish to glean the pithy thoughts of one of the modern games greatest architectural minds.

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