Routing the Golf Course: The Art & Science That Forms the Golf Journey

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  • Author:
    Richardson, Forrest L
  • Contributors:
    • Martinez, Gil
    • Sadalla, Dr Edward
    • Snyder, Arthur Jack
    • Oosterhuis, Peter
  • First edition:
  • ISBN:


Routing the Golf Course: The Art & Science That Forms the Golf Journey is an education. The sheer amount of factors taken into account when routing a course in modern times is mind-blowing. Anecdotal, real-life experiences supplement dry detail.

Four key areas are examined. The history of routing is considered with The Old Course as the basis for discussion. Next up, the rules of routing, safety and fitting holes together. From theory to working in the dirt is covered in the third section. Lastly, presenting routing plans, the use of technology and the future.

For the serious golf architecture student, chapters Seven through Nine provide the most desirable information. Other information provided on real estate and housing development tends to be American business model-centric.

Of interest, the European Association of Golf Course Architects sees Routing the Golf Course as recommended reading for aspiring architects.

Read if . . .

You want insight into the art of routing. It sheds light on perhaps the most overused and least understood aspect of golf course design.

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