The Links by Robert Hunter is one of the best books written on golf course architecture. An associate of Dr Alister Mackenzie, Robert Hunter, was a highly esteemed and respected course designer and builder during golf’s golden age. The book grants the determined a master-class in strategic golf course design.


Included in the 1926 first edition was Dr Alister MacKenzie’s 1924 map of the Old Course at St. Andrews in the end sheets. These are rare books are highly sought after. The identifier is the white and red flags on the cover. Another binding of the first edition print run was issued ten years later in 1936. The 1936 green cloth binding had black lettering but without the flags.


The variety of publishers and the number of editions on offer underscore the value of this text to any serious student of golf course architecture.

The USGA re-published the book in 1995 (ISBN 9780941774147), Classics of Golf re-published the book in 1998 (ISBN 9780940889460), Wiley re-published the book in 1999 (ISBN 9781886947511) and Coventry House Publishing lastly in 2018 (ISBN 9781732113787).

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You want an education of classic golf course design and strategy from one of the golden ages most respected figures.