This book is the Bible about golf greens. Unless you are building them or you’re a proper golf course architecture geek with a passion for turf, you probably won’t need to read the majority of the book. This book has been written for professionals, especially: architects, keepers, irrigation techs, and course builders.

The evolution of golf greens sets the stage for golf green theories. Construction methods are discussed – from push-up greens to USGA recommendations and every possible variation in between. If one chapter stood out for the design-conscious architecture student, it would be the Third – which is entitled, Design Considerations for the Golf Greens. Later, construction, root zones, turf, and even legal liabilities are discussed.

If nothing else, what you will take away from this book is an appreciation for the depth of working knowledge these industry professionals possess.

Read If...

You want an academic, encyclopaedic, data-driven, niche read about greens and greens only.