Martin Sutton of Sutton and Sons Ltd was a prominent course builder and agronomist. The first edition of Golf Courses appeared in 1933. The second edition of Golf Courses – Design, Construction, and Upkeep appeared in 1950, containing rare writings from Tom Simpson and Bobby Jones.

The contribution from Philip MacKenzie Ross on the influence of Scottish links on worldwide golf course architecture is superb.

Tom Simpson contributed the chapter entitled: The Design and Construction of a Golf Course. The information contained therein is worth the price of the book alone. He discusses at length the psychology of attack vs defence. His thoughts on putting greens are just a page in length yet profound. Woking features heavily, and admiration for Stuart Paton comes through.

If that’s not enough, Bobby Jones discusses golf course architecture in the USA before making way for Mr Sutton to lecture on the formation and upkeep of golf courses.

Charles Hugh Alison concludes with a brief overview of golf in America, Ireland, Continental Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa.


Golf Courses – Design, Construction, and Upkeep is a very underrated based on the Simpson expose itself, it is an asset to any established library.

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You want further elucidation from the strategic mind of Tom Simpson.

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