Perhaps not so much a book you would read but Golf Course Design: An Annotated Bibliography is the one you should consult before investing in further titles. It may be considered a golf course architecture book buyers guide.


Part 1 delves into the history of golf course architecture. Part 2 discusses the Literature of Course Design. Part 3 is the Bibliography.

Books are categorised by letter:

  • F – Feasibility
  • D – Design
  • C – Construction
  • M – Maintenance
  • H – History
  • P – Personalities
  • T – Travel

You may have heard of the Doak Scale, but there also exists the Cornish/ Hurdzan scale. It is as follows:

  • 1 – Of some value.
  • 2 – Good information.
  • 3 – Valuable information.
  • 4 – Very important reference.
  • 5 – Definitive source.

Any of the D4 and D5 books would be of interest to the architecturally inclined. The values of the books are also referenced, but this now serves only as a historical reference point.


Golf Course Design: An Annotated Bibliography is an invaluable resource for those with an established collection and a niche interest. The Category and Scale help you make better decisions on which books are worth searching out and those better left on the book store shelf.

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You are looking for guidance on golf's major literary works.