Concerning Golf is a sacred golf course architecture text which can be found relatively inexpensively (1st Edition). However, the USGA did re-publish the book in 1987 (9780941774079). Perhaps overlooked because John Low is not as well known as he should be, Concerning Golf packs a punch well above its perceived weight.


The book itself covers a multitude of subjects. Chapters Two and Three discuss the “Teeing Ground” and “Through the Green”. However, it is chapter Nine which is worth the price of admission. In its nineteen pages are a multitude of principles that will change the way you see the game. John Low and Stuart Paton forever changed inland golf at Woking . Golf Architecture and the strategic golf design movement began with the placement of a single bunker of the 4th hole. Their genius has altered the game we play and established best practice since 1903. To put this in context, James Braid put pen to paper in 1908. Harry Colt and Alister MacKenzie authored their books in 1920 and Tom Simpson wrote his in 1929!


If you haven’t read chapter nine, your education in golf course architecture is incomplete. This single chapter by John Low contains more substance and food for thought than many other golf course books.

Read If...

You want a masterclass in strategic golf course design principles that are as relevant today as they were in 1903!