By definition, Aspects of Golf Course Architecture 1925-1971 Vol. 2, is an anthology. Made up of a collection of essays from the greatest minds of the Golden Age of golf course architecture. This is a collection of writings to which Mr Fred Hawtree often referred himself.

Before each excerpt, there is a short introduction with biographical notes and an account of notable achievements. Those represented in Volume Two are:

H.H. Hilton
J.F. Abercromby
John Morrison
Col. S.V. Hotchkin
Theodore Moone
Tom Simpson
Philip Mackenzie Ross
Molly Gourlay
C.K. Cotton
J.J.F. Pennink
Donald Harradine
Eddie Hackett
J. Hamilton Stutt
Fred Hawtree

While some excerpts are well known to the well-read golf architecture student, most references are from scarce and obscure titles. The book is well worth the investment as pertinent information from a large swathe of hard to find titles are contained therein.

Limited to 675 copies, it is difficult to find. Even more difficult to find are the first 75 copies of Aspects of Golf Course Architecture, a leather-bound Woodstock Limited Edition.

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You want in one volume the most pertinent references of respected British architects as chosen by Fred Hawtree himself.

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