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Evalu18 was born of dual necessity. First, to answer the question: What makes for good golf? Second, to identify the courses which meet that criteria in the UK and Ireland. Evalu18 creates a single destination which highlights golf of architectural merit worth your time, attention and hard-earned cash.

We celebrate great golf. Rankings have their place but golf, like art, is subjective. Using unique filters and various collections, you’ll find the courses that are most likely to be of interest to you. Inclusion on our website means a course would be worth the effort to play.

We believe in education. Tom Simpson wrote: “For an architect to succeed, it is very certain that he must be intimately acquainted with the famous courses, the outstandingly great holes of the world, and more especially the putting greens and approaches to the greens.” We endeavour to provide such insight and point others to where it is found. A comprehensive book directory with a synopsis of each title will help you on your journey in understanding the theory behind golf course design.

We want to collaborate with like-minded ones. Engaging independent content is raising the tide of awareness and understanding surrounding golf course architecture. Social media, digital content and independent print provide an alternative to the traditional, mainstream golf media. We wish to engage and promote these.

We believe in craftsmanship. Our focus is on golf courses, but the principles which make these great are also found in boutique brands. Celebrating small-batch, boutique, crafted goods – we promote the kit we game.

We believe in pure golf. We like golf natural, firm and fast. We admire the ground game, and we will walk as long as we can.

We are Evalu18. Learn. Discover. Travel & Play.

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