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Vokey Wedges are the benchmark for wedges. Under the Titleist brand, Bob Vokey’s designs have become the most recognizable wedge brand and trusted by touring professionals the world over.

Bob Vokey was born in Canada in 1939. He left Canada in the 1960s for California, USA. By 1976, Bob Vokey had opened Bob’s Custom Golf Shop at Fallbrook Country Club in San Diego County and later moved to Vista, CA. In 1986, he joined TaylorMade before establishing Founders Club in 1991. 5 years later in 1996, he joined Titleist and worked on the Titleist Titanium 975D Driver.

Perhaps surprising to many, Bob Vokey had made his name in the industry with metal woods. It was in 2004 that his wedges took hold and have been a staple on tour week in week out ever since.

Vokey Wedge Types

Vokey Wedges are cast as opposed to forged.

Bob Vokey defines Pitching Wedges as wedges with 46* to 48* of loft.

Bob Vokey defines Gap Wedges as wedges with 50* to 52* of loft.

Bob Vokey defines Sand Wedges as wedges with 54* to 56* of loft.

Bob Vokey defines Lob Wedges as wedges with 58* to 62* of loft.

The Glossary on the Vokey Wedge website is also an excellent website that you can see here.

Spin Milled Vokey Wedges

Spin Milled wedges are named after the grooves which are found on the clubface. The Spin Milled process begins with a high-speed saw cutting the face perfectly flat. Then, every groove is cut based on loft and finish. Wedges with lofts for 46* to 54* have narrower and deeper grooves while wedges with higher lofts of 55* to 62* have wider, shallower grooves.

Spin Milled SM5 Vokey Wedges

The Spin Milled SM5 wedge was more square and angular in the toe. The par (crotch) or heel area was more pronounced. The TVD (Tour Van Design) wedges are the amped-up versions of the SM5 line. They were released in 2015 and featured TX3 grooves.

Spin Milled SM6 Vokey Wedges

Released in 2016, the SM6 wedges featured 6 new wedge sole grinds. They were the L Wedge Grind, S Wedge Grind, K Wedge Grind, M Wedge Grind, and F Wedge Grind. The grooves were called TX4 grooves.

Spin Milled SM7 Vokey Wedges

Released in 2018, the SM7 Wedges introduced the concept of the variable centre of gravity which was carried over into the SM8 Vokey line.

Spin Milled SM8 Vokey Wedges

The Spin Milled SM8 wedges are fit with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips as standard. They come in 4 finishes: Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, Jet Black, and Raw. In addition to the Spin Milled Process described above, the SM8 Vokey wedges have a progressive center of gravity. The SM8 wedges were released in 2020.

Vokey Wedges – Sole Grinds

The current Vokey SM8 wedges come in 6 different grinds. Bob Vokey defines grind as the manipulation or removal of material from the sole of the club, helping to improve contact with the turf. Custom Grinding can also be purchased. These customizations include Pre-Worn or Semi-Square Leading Edges, Smooth Grind Lines, Heel Relief, Trailing Edge Relief, a Thinner Top Line or a Tour Grind. For an in-depth discussion of wedge grinds, click here.

Vokey Wedge D Grind

Offered on the Vokey SM8 Wedge, the D grind is a versatile grind with high bounce.

Vokey Wedge E Grind

A mid bounce wedge with subtle trailing edge, heel, and toe relief.

Vokey Wedge F Grind

F is for Full. An all-purpose grind found on the Vokey SM8 Wedge. Meant to be used on full shots and with a square face. It is the most used sand wedge grind on the PGA Tour.

Vokey Wedge J Grind

A ‘forward bounce surface’ with moderate sole width, enhanced camber, and moderate effective bounce.

Vokey Wedge K Grind

Offer on the Vokey SM8 Wedges, this is Bob Vokey’s highest bounce wedge grind and is hailed as the best grind for sand and bunker play. It also comes in a Low Bounce variant.

Vokey Wedge L Grind

L is for Low Bounce. Offered on the Vokey SM8 Wedges, this grind is especially for firm conditions and is said to help you ‘create shots around the green.’ How that happens we are unsure?

Vokey Wedge M Grind

M is for Multi-purpose, Medium Bounce, or Voke’s Most favorite. Offered on the Vokey SM8 Wedges, this is the grind offering the most playability.

Vokey Wedge R Grind

A modified TVD grind with a pre-worn leading edge. The TVD grind was a forward bounce grind with moderate width and enhanced camber.

Vokey Wedge S Grind

Offered on the Vokey SM8 Wedges, this is not for soft conditions.

Vokey Wedge T Grind

A low bounce wedge sole grind with a narrow crescent surface, wider back flange, lower measured bounce, and narrower bounce surface. A popular choice for links golfers.

Vokey Wedge V Grind

A high bounce grind with heel, toe, and trailing edge relief. This is the eye-catching channel grind seen on many wedges.

Vokey Wedge W Grind

A 64* wedge for Jimmy Walker with lower bounce, medium-width hole, slight camber, and 4* of effective bounce.

Vokey Wedges – WedgeWorks

Wedgeworks brings the tour customization experience to the public. Options include an additional finish: Slate Blue. You can also add one of nine custom stamping styles ($25), six toe engravings ($25), and paintfill ($25). You can choose your ferrule ($5), shaft band ($5), shaft ($15-$67), grip ($7-$12), shaft laser etching ($25), lie, length, loft, and swing weight adjustments ($15-$25). Most custom options incur a small upcharge.

The Bob Vokey Tour Experience

The Bob Vokey Experience takes place at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California, USA. For $2,400, Bob Vokey will take 3 hours out of his day to fit you for four of his wedges taking into account swing type, style, and course conditions.

Vokey Wedges Vs Edel SMS Wedges

Unless you can get yourself to California for an in-person appointment with Titleist’s wedge guru, where can you find custom-fit wedges in the UK? The answer is a Certified Edel Fitter – The Putter Tailor. Whether its the Edel SMS Wedges or Edel EAS Line of putters, they’ve got you covered.

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