Long Socks

Yes – you read that correctly. Socks, long or otherwise, are a big part of golf in Britain and Ireland… at some clubs anyway. Perhaps the last vestige belonging to traditional plus fours and more symbolic of the changing of the guard, socks can cause quite a stir.

No All Socks Are Created Equal

Is the controversy universal? No – some clubs couldn’t care less. Some insist on knee-length socks if worn with tailored shorts. More traditional clubs will likely fall into this category, such as Royal St George’s pictured. Some aren’t so concerned with the length so much as the colour… for whatever reason, white seems to be less offensive than black.


As strange as it may sound to visitors, it’s always worth checking the sock policy before playing or be prepared to splash out for some in the pro shop. To use an analogy, most British would find a mandatory cart seemingly just as ridiculous. Whatever the policy may be, it is a small ask and should be viewed as simply part of the experience. Either way, it’s part of what makes UK and Irish golf unique. Strange but true, socks are a big deal…

Photo Credit: Jason Livy

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