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The Walton Heath New Course was laid out in two halves by Herbert Fowler. The second course at the famed London club in Tadworth, Surrey, England makes this one of golf's premier 36 hole destinations. Perhaps a bit of a surprise, but this the Walton Heath New Course is considered to be one of the least altered courses constructed by the great architect.

The first 9 holes were established in 1905 and plans for a second nine were begun in 1908. Built as a relief course due to the popularity of the Old Course, the original New Course was just nine holes. The original nine was comprised of Holes 1-4 and 14-18 of the current layout. The second nine, corresponding to the current 5th to 13th of the current layout, opened for play in 1913.

Walton Heath & Golf Course Architecture

Walton Heath GC is an exciting study in golf course architecture. The Old Course was born in 1899, planned in 1901, built in 1902 and opened for play in 1904. This was concurrent with the genesis of the strategic school of golf course architecture. In fact, John Low had just penned his famous book, Concerning Golf, in 1903!

Just a few years later in 1908, the first nine holes of the New Course opened. By this time, the evolution of thought with regards to the strategic approach to golf course architecture was in full flow. It could be said this was a period of transition and a proverbial changing of the guard.

By 1913, when the second nine were opened, the penal school of golf course design theory only had a few ardent followers. About this time, Tom Simpson and Hebert Fowler joined forces officially - although there is evidence of collaboration as early as 1909. Despite differences in design theory, Tom Simpson was the champion of strategic minimalism and no doubt there was a shared approach to the laying out of courses.

On one location, you can literally see the evolution of golf course design. This certainly makes Walton Heath a worthy destination for any golf course architecture geek!

Walton Heath Composite Courses

The 1981 Ryder Cup was hosted at Walton Heath. The 12th, 13th and 18th holes on the New Course were also played as the 12th, 13th and 18th holes during the tournament. The routing recently used for the British Masters finished on the 18th of the Old rather than the 18th of the New.

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