Rosapenna Old Tom Morris Links

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Harry Colt's alteration was so grand, the local newspapers reported a small railway being built to aid with the earthmoving!

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The Rosapenna Old Tom Morris Links dates back to 1891 when Old Tom Morris laid out 9 holes while visiting Lord Leitrim. By 1893, it was reported there were 18 holes ready for play. Harry Vardon visited the course in 1908 or 1909 and suggested to Earl of Leitrim that improvements could be made. It would all change in 1914 when Harry Colt's reimagined layout would open.

In 2005, Pat Ruddy laid out 9 new holes on the low lying dunes which are now known as the Strand Nine. Just four years later, Eric Iverson would alter the greens and bunkers. That meant, where there were 18 holes, there are now 27. The majority of the new Ruddy/ Iverson holes make up the front nine of the Old Tom Morris Links. The back nine, known as The Valley Nine, are old holes from the original Rosapenna Old Tom Morris. Holes 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 are accredited to Harry Colt.

That leaves the third nine - now christened the Coastguard Nine. These make up a separate 9 hole course which begins and ends at the practice ground.


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