500 World’s Greatest Golf Holes (The)

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    Peper, George
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The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes is a world-wide, whistle-stop tour of the best holes on the best golf courses around the world. The book is packed with photos, illustrations and topographical renders.


Not strictly a golf architecture book, it does attempt to explain what elements make for a great golf hole. To begin, it sets out their best eighteen golf holes. Afterword, it establishes the next 100 before identifying the remaining 382. The best of the best lists at the back of the book are a bit of fun.


Lists are subjective. Attempting to rank the best golf courses is a challenge, let alone ranking the best golf holes from each course in the world. The book, The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes,  is a worthy attempt from the time of publication.

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You want an introduction to some of the best holes in golf in an attractive format.

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