Confidential Guide to Golf Courses – Vol. 1 – GB and Ireland (The)

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  • Author:
    Doak, Tom
  • Contributors:
    • Oliver, Darius
    • Nishijima, Masa
    • Morrissett, Ran
  • First edition:
  • ISBN:


Read the book that started a revolution. As Mr Doak travelled the British Isles, he compiled a confidential guide for his friends, family and those who helped him along the way. In his straightforward manner, Doak explains without any apparent regret, his real opinions on some of the games grandest stages.

The book is based on a Doak Scale from 0-10. Anything from 4 onwards is decent with 7-10 being worth an effort to play. The book is endlessly entertaining and a perfect companion before planning the trip of a lifetime. The best bit is Doak offers his thoughts on some out of the way and obscure courses that you won't find anywhere else.

There are five volumes available. Volume 1 focuses on Great Britain and Ireland.

Read if . . .

You want a no holds barred review of the courses in Great Britain and Ireland.

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