Grounds for Golf – The History and Fundamentals of Golf Course Design

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  • Author:
    Shackelford, Geoff
  • Contributors:
    • Hanse, Gil
  • First edition:
  • ISBN:


If you are looking for the starting point of understanding golf course architecture, there is almost no better place than here.

Geoff Shackelford provides the narrative, and Gil Hanse provides the detailed illustrations that are superb on a technical front.

Anecdotes and witty quotes keep the read entertaining. Written for the layperson, the tone is encouraging rather than condescending or high brow.

The perfect starting point for a novice armchair architect would be Grounds for Golf followed by Tom Doak's The Anatomy of a Golf Course

The book was discussed on the podcast which can be listened to by clicking here.

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You want a concise, modern overview of the basics of golf course architecture. It's well illustrated and entertaining.

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