Golf Greens and Green-Keeping

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  • Author:
    Hutchinson, Horace Gordan
  • First edition:


The primary part of the book focuses on agronomy. Upkeep on courses laid out on light inland soil, heathland, pine forest, chalk downs and heavy soil is all discussed and no doubt now antiquated.

A highlight for the golf course architecture student is chapter thirteen. C.K. Hutchison writes on the topic of the formation and placing of hazards. H.H. Hilton then follows with remarks on the laying out of courses. H.G Hutchinson concludes with a few leading principles in laying out links.

There are no doubt books you would buy before this one, but it contains insight into Hutchison's design theory.

Country Life published the first edition in 1906. Wiley republished an almost identical version in 2001. (IBSN 9781575041582)


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You want an early account of agronomy and course layout from C.K. Hutchison, H.H. Hilton, and H.G. Hutchinson.

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