Golf Courses of Old Tom Morris (The)

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  • Author:
    Kroeger, Robert
  • Contributors:
    • Steel, Donald
  • First edition:
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Only 1975 were printed, of which the first 50 were the publisher's presentation copies, it is an excellent addition to the library of any Old Tom Morris fan (IBSN 9780961829131). 

Robert Kroeger has avidly studied the courses of Old Tom in the British Isles and compiled a near-comprehensive record of his work.

Part One is made up of three chapters. Chapter 1 starts with a biography of the man himself. Chapter 2 discusses the architectural characteristics of his work. Chapter 3 details the influence he had on architects from the 19th century onwards.

Part Two details Old Tom Morris' design catalogue in chronological order. The Author identifies which holes and also components of holes are Morris' that have survived.

The amount of work undertaken to complete the work is monumental and invaluable. All done before the advent of the internet makes it even more spectacular.

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You are an Old Tom fan with an interest in his course design catalogue.

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