Classic Golf Hole Design

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  • Author:
    Graves, Robert Muir
  • Contributors:
    • Cornish, Geoffrey S
  • First edition:
  • ISBN:


This book is specifically looking at classic golf holes, their components, and their replicated templates.

After four chapters and 95 pages, you arrive at the "Broad Criteria for Classic Golf Holes." The next chapter narrows the focus by discussing "Specific Features of Classic Golf Holes". Finally, in chapter 7, you are introduced to the 20 "Classic Golf Holes." Seventeen of the twenty are in the UK and Ireland. The last three chapters of the book are worth the purchase alone.

This book is an advanced level read and useful to a true geek who cannot get enough of templates.

Read if . . .

You wish to discover the 20 golf holes whose characteristics are identifiable in many of the world's best golf holes. 16 of the 20 are in Britain and Ireland.

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