Anatomy of a Golf Course (The)

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    Doak, Tom
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A modern classic that should grace the libraries of every golfer as well as golf architecture student. Lyons and Burford published the first edition in 1992 (IBSN 9781558211469). Burford published it again in 1997 and 2002 (IBSN 9781580800716).


In Chapter two, Doak touches on the dark art of "Routing". "Psychology of Design" is discussed in Chapter Five. Chapters Seven through Eleven discuss items which, together, make the whole. They are "The Green Complex", "Tees", "Fairway and Rough", "Bunkers and Water Hazards" and "Trees and Other Obstacles". The final few chapters deal with "Construction", "Maintenance", "Redesign and Restoration".

Of Particular Attention

The real gem for the serious golf architecture student is in the Appendix. The Author lists courses worth studying but also which aspects of each course are worthy of further inspection. It is no surprise England, Scotland and Ireland are heavily featured!

Read if . . .

You only buy one book on golf course architecture. Perhaps the best bang for your buck book on the subject. A modern classic that conveys concepts in a logical, coherent manner even for the novice.

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